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Nordic Labs is an independent analytical laboratory located in Bozeman and approved by the Montana Department of Health and Human Services  for the Cannabis Control Division of the Department of Revenue. We provide cannabis analysis under the Medical Marijuana codes. We promise accurate and reliable analytical services at a fair and sustainable cost, using a mix of validated methods and new state-of-the art equipment to provide you with fast, accurate, and reproducible results.

Nordic Labs is locally-owned, funded and operated by Montana residents. We are located 200 miles east of all other testing labs in Montana allowing quick service to rural communities.


We use only Shimadzu equipment for our analyses of the compliance and R&D packages to offer the best sensitivity and quality of services.

This includes: 

LC-2030C for CBD and THC quantification

GCMS-QP2020 for Terpene and Headspace residual solvents

LCMS-8060 for Pesticides and Mycotoxins

With a thoughtful compilation of instruments through a sales and maintenance team located regionally, we have eliminated the downtime associated with instruments and repair.

Microbial testing is done through quantitative PCR methodologies. We use a unique, standardized, and validated mixture of probes and dyes to follow new State guidelines as well as eliminate the 48 hour culturing process. 

On site instrumentation: LC-2030C, GCMS-QP2020, and LCMS 8060.



Services provided by Nordic Labs include products testing, analyses in the laboratory and in the field, consulting, diagnostics and solutions for customers.

Our test methods include analysis of cannabis flower, trim, edibles, and extracts/concentrates for potency (cannabinoid content), terpenes, moisture, residual solvents (extracts), pesticides, microbial contamination, and mycotoxins to ensure safety and confidence in your product.

We also offer broad sample analyses for the food and agricultural businesses (breweries, distilleries, food processing companies).

See our testing packages page for more details on pickup, pricing, and testing - then head over to schedule your first test. :)

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