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The People's Lab

Nordic Labs is an analytical testing facility focusing on cannabis in Montana's southwest corridor. With years of combined experience in public and private sectors, we guarantee accurate and fast results, thorough reporting, and product development guidance - all at a price you can't beat! Our compliance packages start at $175.

Price reduction!

 Compliance packages start at $175!


Nordic Labs is a fully licensed and insured cannabis and hemp laboratory conveniently located in Bozeman, MT. Our lab is experienced in the cannabis field and works closely with the State Regulators to ensure up to date testing requirements are met.

Our team has worked under FDA regulations in non-cannabis industries such as agriculture/plant sciences and food safety, as well as parts of the medical field. Our academic backgrounds include analytical chemistry, immunology, microbiology, and biochemistry/bioinformatics. Adhering to strict, self-sought, and carefully managed research grants has taught us how to plan and work with tight budgets - which translates to greater savings for you.

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Keeping the Cannabis Industry Safe & Supporting Our Local Businesses, Big and Small

Nordic Labs is committed to ensuring all cannabis products in Montana are safe for consumption. By focusing on local businesses we keep our costs low so that we can pass those savings on to you.

We want to increase community awareness in sustainable business practices and technological advancements for food and agriculture. We encourage outreach and education efforts on environmental preservation and provide specialized analytical solutions, both for cannabis and our other, expanding industries.

Local Service, Lower Prices. Call (406)-219-6223 today.

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