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Christina Johnson, PhD

Scientific Director

Experienced analytical chemist, immunologist, statistician and bioinformaticist. I'm joining the cannabis industry with a clinical curiosity and a hope to improve standardizations, remove the 'drug' stigma, and improve quality of life through R&D, community education and involvement.

I received my Master of Science in Molecular Medicine at Montana State University. My research focus was in tailored medicine, pipeline development, bioinformatics.


My doctoral degree is in Clinical Medicine from the University of Oslo, Norway with focus on analytical immunology and ex vivo methodology development. I studied the human inflammatory cell responses to bacteria and other stimuli in the body and receptor signaling upon activation. I have been working in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Montana State University as a researcher and instructor.

Andrew Johnson

Customer Service Liaison, courier management


20 years of customer service  experience in Bozeman and my passion for fact driven cannabis reform propelled me to become one  of the co-founders of Future Labs.


As an amateur grower with multiple certifications in cannabis research from the University of Colorado in Boulder and the Israeli Institute of Technology I am excited to meet vendors and growers all over Montana.


I believe scientific evidence provides patients- as well as the people who care for them- with a foundation for making informed decisions about their own health care.


I am an experienced courier and lab technician within the cannabis industry and I'm excited for the opportunity to meet your needs with pick up and individualized customer support. 

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